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Teaching Tip: Open House


The school in which you teach may schedule an open house for parents. An open house provides a great opportunity to get parents more involved in their children's education. Here are some ideas for making an open house a success.
  • Create an inviting atmosphere so that parents will feel welcome. You can even post a 'Welcome' sign on the door of your classroom. If allowed, have some simple refreshments available.
  • Greet parents at the door. Introduce yourself to them if you have not met them before.
  • Have attractive bulletin board displays that feature students' work. Be sure that all of your students are represented.
  • Prior to the open house, have each of your students create a folder which contains some of their best work. Provide parents with the opportunity to examine their child's folder.
  • Share your time equally with the parents. Try to avoid getting into a prolonged discussion with particular parents about their child's progress. You can always suggest that they schedule an appointment with you.
  • Thank parents for attending the open house as they leave
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