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Make flash cards

      Amelia , Student,   -  Arkansas

make sure you turn in your missing work

      jesus, Student, 9th  -  California

Study with a friend that will not get you distracted!

      Lily, Student, 9th grade  -  Missouri

make sure you ask the teachers questions to make sure if you understand

      logan, Student, 6  -  

Record yourself reading your chapter or notes out loud, then play the recording back to you while you are exercising, cleaning, etc.. I find it works better if I try speaking with the recording like if you were singing a good song or repeating a movie line.

      Jessi, Other,   -  Utah

When you studying, you can write down all posible questions from the notes you reading.

      Moses, Student, Unza first year student   -  Zambia

I find that when I study to make a rough copy one night of what I want to do this week, and write down how long you want to do it for. You can be productive and organised!

      Annika, Student, 10th grade   -  Australia - New South Wales

I have 3. First, listen to music. It's proven to help you focus and be more productive. Secondly, give yourself some space. Don't let anything bother you. Don't leave on the TV, or constantly have to switch songs. Just pay attention to your notes. Lastly, take breaks! Studying for hours makes your more subject to daydreaming. A break can be anything from playing video games to going for a run. But don't make it too long.

      Noah, Student, 9th Grade  -  Missouri

Put time aside to study a little every night. Set a timer to takes “brain breaks” so you’re not overwhelming yourself with information and able to retain more. If you have a partner helping you, make sure you’re having them mix up the questions so you aren’t just answering based on what you know is coming next- it won’t help you when you get to your test.

      Abbigail, Student, College 2nd year  -  Wyoming

Find somewhere quiet to study. Put on some background noise to drown out a loud environment. You can also take short breaks in between longer study sessions.

      Sophie, Student, 10th grade  -  Ohio

I love working out things and learning new things it helps alot. I love making things difficult for myself when I know I can try harder when I do it. I love drawing too.

      Savannah, Student, 8th grade  -  Alabama

Get as much sleep as you can, the more sleep you get the better you can remember things better from the day before

      Kohl, Student, 9th  -  Mississippi

Nothing comes free in life. You have to work hard ad study A LOT if you are looking for a great grade. Also, keep your locker organized so you can keep track of all of your stuff.

      Laney, Student, 6th grade  -  New Jersey

Always drink water while studying and when you feel tired, exercise even if it's just jumping jacks or taking a walk and listening to music. Use your breaks to do your daily workout routine. It will increase your energy levels and help you concentrate.

      Zahraa, Student, 9th grade  -  South Africa

For visual learners take notes! Before I didn’t and my grades were bad now I do and they are much better.

      Lydia, Student, 7th  -  Indiana

Always pay attention in class and make yourself a study guide so you know what you are doing.

      Joake, Student, 11th grade  -  California

Try to find a balance between studying and having fun. Too much studying could lead to headaches due to being overwhelmed. With a balance you can get better grades and have fun.

      Joake, Student, 11th grade  -  California

I like to use and the Read and Write Program that read the scanned text out loud to me. Also sometimes I look up educational Youtube videos and when I watch them I also read the captions. Flash cards are also helpful.

      Ashley, Student, Junior in college   -  Massachusetts

do not procrastinate it will just get pushed back longer and longer so your best bet is to do it strait away

      Meghan, Student, 9  -  Missouri

Take a lot of notes. Taking notes will help you remember what you've learned, and pay attention to what the teacher says during class.

      Jordan, Student, 8th Grade  -  Massachusetts

listening to music helps me as a kinesthetic learner

      jackie, Student, 7  -  Utah

Ask a lot of questions. You'll have a better idea of what to do.

      Maxton, Student, (9th Grade)  -  Missouri

Don't wait till the last minute. try to finish it in class.

      Arik, Student, 9th grade  -  Missouri

Reading and watching all of documentaries about your concerning subject. Listening ted talk education in your free to expand your thinking.

      Tran, Student, university  -  Vietnam

Retyping or rewriting my notes helps me remember them because I have to first read the notes, then right them down, then read over them to make sure I wrote it correctly. Because I am a visual learning this helps a lot.

      Ella, Student, 9th grade  -  Ohio

Stop using the word "study". Change it to "learn". "Studying" often means just staring at a book and just daydreaming. "Learning" means moving from not knowing something to actually knowing it.

      Anna, Teacher,   -  Ireland

Get all your tools, equipment, snacks, etc. ready before hand so that you wont be distracted later during your study sesh xx

      Victory, Student, S4  -  United Kingdom

I listen to music 🎶 when I study 📖 😆

      Evan, Student, 3rd garde  -  Ireland

Be organized! That's the key. Define your priorities from the most urgent assignment to those who can wait a little. Know how much time you have to do your assignments. And keep away from those things that may be a distraction.

      Jose, Teacher, Orientation  -  Honduras

Make sure to have a clean, organized study space where your can study and do homework.

      Cora, Student, 6th grade  -  New Jersey

Re-read the chapter, make flashcards, be productive.

      Poopy Butt, Student, 100th grade  -  Arizona

Use music. Not music with lyrics in it, no, just music. Video game music is made specifically to help people concentrate on what they're doing. Also, writing things down is scientifically proven to help people remember things. Even if your handwriting isn't the best, it can help.

      Anonymous, Student, 9th Grade  -  Illinois

When I study I like to write definitions and take my time. There is NO rush!!

      skylar, Student, 6th  -  North Carolina

Make time to study beforehand and use flashcards.

      Kamden, Student, 9th  -  Missouri

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