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chewing gum helps you study, it helps me a lot

      cienna, Student, 6th  -  Idaho

chewing gum helps you study, it helps me a lot

      cienna, Student, 6th  -  Idaho

I use highlighters to color code things, because certain things are important in different ways.

      Amaya, Student, 8th grade  -  Texas

To study I like to teach what I think will be on the test to a sibling, guardian, or friend as if they are the students and I'm the teacher. This helps me to remember the information and be able to understand it better!

      Brianna, Student, 6th   -  New York

My study tip is to never talk back to the teacher when you are doing the work, you could get an F on the assignment. My 2nd tip is to listen to the teacher the whole time you have that teacher.

      Jackson, Student, 9th grade  -  Indiana

What I like to do is make my notes visually appealing, like writing extra information on sticky notes and using different title/subtitle designs as well as gel pens and highlighters. When something is black and white, I can never remember it, but with a little splash of color, well, that's a whole other story!

      Lulu, Student, 8th Grade  -  Australia

Read over what you are studying at least five times. Then have someone quiz you on the information.

      Twana, Teacher, 9-12  -  Mississippi

Use index cards. Write down the most important information then read it for at least 10 time. You'll surely get it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Ashantie , Student, 11th grade  -  Jamaica

Take notes. Then create your own study game from the notes and play it with your friends.

      Lasya , Student, 7th grade  -  Connecticut

I review my notes when I get into bed at night. This way my notes are the last thing I think of and the first thing when I wake up.

      Victoria, Student, high school junior  -  Kentucky

I find distractions are a killer! Banish your phone/IPad from your study space.

      Daniel, Student, 1st Year  -  Ireland

Going over a problem or a fact over and over again helps me a lot in finding a solution to the problem or critically understanding the fact.

      Abdullahi, Student, Diploma   -  Nigeria

I make effective notes while studying

      Sthembiso, Student, Grade 10  -  South Africa

Do not have any extra tabs on your device open if using the internet. For example: if you are using YouTube to find videos to help you with the material, it is fine to use; otherwise, videos such as vlogs, music videos, or compilations of some sort will most likely distract you from studying.

      Bennett, Student, 10th grade  -  Indiana

Chew a new flavor of gum you havenโ€™t tried before while you study. Chew it again during the exam. The association between that flavor of gum and what you studied will make it easier to remember.

      Avril, Student, 7th grade  -  Spain

When studying, I listen to the instrumentals to some of my favorites musicals and songs. The music is familiar and fun to listen to, without words to be a distraction.

      Lillian, Student, 8th Grade  -  Iowa

After I finish my assignments I always go back and look them over one more time for mistakes. I always find one or two that I correct.

      Kris, Student, 6th grade  -  Colorado

Break your daily study hours into 3 different sets of Morning (9:30-12:00), Afternoon(2:00-5:00), and Evening hours (6:00 to 8:00) to make sure you can rest and eat well between each set. Remember that morning hours are always crucial for you to feel more confident about achieving your daily study hours.

      Ali, Teacher, University  -  New York

The internet has a variety of resources free of charge, such as Khan Academy and Academic Earth. There are also offline applications that don't cost anything, such as Study Stack and other Flash Card Makers. There are additional references that don't require technology at all, such as library books and Spark Charts. In summary, the key is having access to a variety of study tools just in case technology becomes inoperative.

      Jenae , Other, Secondary   -  Florida

What I do is when I have a complex math problem I make sure to write down everything so then I can access that information right when I need it. This saves a lot of time when studying for a test.

      Katharine, Student, 6th  -  California

If you have a certain smell in any room, try and re-create that smell while studying and it will most likely trigger your brain back to that moment and you'll remember more clearly.

      Jakub, Student, 10th grade  -  Australia

Be proud of what you are doing and always amuse yourselve while focusing. It is a sort of a game !!!

      Arnau, Student, 7  -  Belgium

This is not what to do, but what not to do. Don't keep switching around from one assignment to another.

      Josh, Student, 10th grade  -  Wisconsin

making a home-made matching game with vocab cards helped me a lot.

      jaiden, Student, 9th grade  -  Indiana

I like to listen to classical music while I'm studying, because it helps me stay focus on my notes.

      Jacqueline, Student, 12th grade  -  Indiana

I like to make tests from my notes. I take the test and whatever questions I mess up on or can't remember, I know that those are the questions I really need to study.

      Gigi, Student, 6th grade  -  Pennsylvania

When I need to study, I use an extension that blocks gaming and social media websites for 25 minutes while I work. Then, I get a 5-minute break, and I use that break to stretch while taking a break from my computer.

      Reese, Student, 7th grade  -  Virginia

I begin by reading the entire chapter of my assignment. Then I review it until I completely understand the information there.

      Marcus, Student, grade 12  -  Namibia

I turn off all my mobile devices when I start to study. It's tempting, but I say no to friends who want me to go out go with them for some fun.

      Vince , Student, College   -  Colorado

A study tip I frequently use is when I am either studying science or math. I draw certain diagrams and scenarios in the air. It helps when you have to remember some type of picture or diagram.

      Kat, Student, 10th  -  New York

If you're in a class like English and you have 'study words' take out some note cards and write them down, and if you listen to all your teachers during class you'll get it.๐Ÿ˜

      Jaydyn, Student, 6th grade   -  Idaho

The notes I take in class are kind of sloppy. I rewrite them neatly when I study for a test. I also fill in any blanks.

      Heather, Student, 10th grade coming up  -  Kansas