SAT Test Taking Tips

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The SAT is the most popular standardized test used for admission into colleges and universities in the United States. It includes three sections: math, critical reading, and writing.

General Tips

Math Section Tips

Most of the items in the math section are multiple-choice questions.

Other questions require that you come up with your own answers and fit them into a grid.

Critical Reading Section Tips

Some of the questions require you to read a sentence containing one or two blanks. You are required to select the answer choice that correctly completes the sentence.

Other questions require you to read a passage and select the correct answers to questions about the passage.

Writing Section Tips

This section includes multiple-choice questions. Some require you to improve sentences, others to find errors in sentences, and others to improve paragraphs.

This section also requires you to write a short, persuasive essay on an assigned topic within 25 minutes.

Nothing can take the place of math, reading, and writing skills. But these tips can help you make the most of your skills when taking the SAT.

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