Choosing a Major

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A major is a specific subject area in which you will specialize during your college studies. Anywhere from one-third to one-half of the courses you take in college will be in your major or related to it. If you are attending a four-year college or university, you will probably not have to choose your major until the end of your sophomore year. You will have to choose your major earlier if you are pursuing a two-year degree.

Some students choose a major because it will prepare them for a specific career such as engineering or education. Other students choose a major because they have a passion for the subject matter. Don't think that students who go with their passion will graduate with no career options. Most jobs do not require a particular major.

Choosing a major is a very important but difficult task. Here are some things you can do to help you make the right decision.

While your choice of a major is an important one, don't agonize about it. Research has shown that a majority of college students change their major at least once, and that many change their major several times as they proceed through college. The major you eventually choose provides you with direction, but does not put you on a path from which you cannot escape. In fact, most adults change careers several times in their lifetime.

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