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Below are the most recent study tips that have been submitted by our visitors. To see more study tips, the archives are available to the left. If you would like to submit your own Study Tip to be included below, please fill out our submission form.
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"Always listen in class. Don't always try to write down everything your teacher says. Write down only what is really important."
  Lydia Howland  
  Student, 9th  
  Omaha, Nebraska  
  2/22/2017 1:09:00 PM  
"Always concentrate in class! And take notes,read you textbook, do the study guide and TRY YOUR BEST!!!"
  Ella Parker  
  Student, 6th grade  
  Roswell, Georgia  
"1.Buy an extra notebook for each subject at the beginning of the year so that as you finish a chapter in class, you can immediately write notes and summaries in that book. 2. Record your notes on a digital voice recorder or another device (you can also use your phone), listen to them in your spare time, listen to them as you would an audio book, concentrate on the words and try to memorize them as you hear them. "
  Koook S  
  Student, 8th  
  chennai, India  
"This is a trick I use when checking spelling in an essay I've written. I read it backward. I don't have to worry if it makes sense - all I'm doing is looking at the spelling of each word."
  Andrew Thomas  
  Student, 10th grader  
  Reading, Massachusetts  
"Take a few minutes and relax before you start to study. Make a mental note to sit yourself down and think positively."
  John Kintock  
  Newark, New Jersey  
"Make sure no distractions are present where you study. What you are studying has to be the thing that gets your full attention. "
  Hannah Graves  
  Student, 8th grade  
  Clarksville, Tennessee  
"Take frequent breaks and have a snack before working."
  Jonas  Pullen  
  Student, 6th grade  
  Hemet, California  
"I Like to study in frequent short sessions rather than long sessions. If you study for too long a session it will be hard to remember everything."
  Mia Jones  
  Student, year 10  
  Coventry, United Kingdom  
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